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3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Life
and Your Body

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Are you feeling...

overwhelmed, overweight and exhausted?

Sick of...

empty promises, quick fixes, band-aids that don't fix anything?

At Healthy Wealthy and Slim we confront and expose core issues, correct years of mis-programming and teach practical, easy tools and techniques to change the way you view your world, your life, your choices and your consequences.

Nothing is separate, we are a complex package of programming and like a fine-tuned computer, we can be extremely simple and efficient in far less time and with far less frustration and self-loathing.

It’s time to make lasting changes for lasting results and live the dream life YOU deserve!

I have seen the light! I feel 100% better, more energy and an overall better outlook on life. If you want to live an inspired life, work with Sandy!

Marg Janzen

Sandy exudes energy, love, and positivity, she's magnetic and I instantly knew that I could learn from her. I have found myself extremely grateful and way happier in my life. Do yourself a big favour - Don't hesitate, work with Sandy!

Lorrie Fergusson

Sandy is so positive, truly inspiring and she truly wants you to be your best self and will go to the end of the world to help you succeed! I absolutely suggest that anyone and everyone would benefit from life working with Sandy... she motivates me to want to succeed.

Hope Dinn

Sandy radiates positive energy and abundance. She has the leadership and motivation skills to take you to your better life. Expect to be challenged to succeed!

Rob Cheyne

I have much better focus, more energy and less joint pain! Sandy reminds me of health and wellness fundamentals and motivates me to make daily changes that have huge positive results. Follow and listen to this lady!

Angie Banks

My health has improved substantially with improved mood and less brain fog at the forefront. I absolutely suggest that anyone and everyone would benefit from working with Sandy!

Melissa Cook

Total Transformation Starts With Premium Membership

An incredible investment in YOU!!! Our Healthy Wealthy and Slim Premium Membership Group gives you access to our best ever value program SET4SUCCESS, 7 meditations and lifetime access to expert interviews. Hop on a train to massive success in all areas of your life!


SET4SUCCESS WEEKLY PLANNER (EXCLUSIVE TO MEMBERS) this interactive 7 day strategy planner includes a step by step guide, videos, inspirations, calendar, priority suggestions, daily emails, menu and shopping list examples. You will be on a steady path to success with this daily motivation and focus tools for phenomenal progress toward your dream life!
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7 (do you sense that I love the lucky and powerful #7?!) Inspirational MEDITATION RECORDINGS includes, gratitude, accept only positive, ask for guidance, mindful choices, releasing stress, you got this and healing the body, mind and spirit.
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And last but NOT least is LIFETIME ACCESS TO EXPERT INTERVIEWS this offer is absolutely priceless as the time, effort, energy and gifts of wisdom that you will find in these inspirational transformational interviews is timeless and limitless.
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Help identify and transform your life beginning with exposing and motivating change through your deepest “why” and want/need for change

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to resources that will expose the change necessary and help design/create your dream life and body

Light Your Path

Light the path to reduce stress and increase pleasure in all areas of your life while loving the journey

Endless Motivation

Expert interview access for endless motivation and information to create your perfect life and body

Proven Concepts

Stop wasting time and energy on programs that don’t work for you through creating your custom path to huge success in all areas


Transform your schedule of chaos and craziness to a steady path of growth, prosperity and an abundance while manifesting your dream life


Accountability tasks to keep you motivated and on track watching your dreams unfold before your eyes with self-pride and enormous joy


Reveal how truly easy it is to transform your life with proven steps to freedom, balance and total bliss

Meet Sandy.

My life's passion and mission is to help busy people (like you!) from chaos and craziness to complete balance and true bliss. Our Membership and Programs will help you re-create your life going forward with all of the greatness you have already accomplished.

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3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Life and Your Body

Enter the wonderful world of total mind, body and spirit transformation with a FREE three part video series to get you started!

Get Your FREE Three Part Video Series