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Diets Don’t Work!

I have read, I have researched, I have listened to a multitude of Ted Talks on this subject and share my personal experience mixed with my comprehension of others opinions. It is resounding, the opinion that “fad” or calorie restricted “diets” do NOT work long term. And sadly, so many of us in desperation for…

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We Get What We “Know” We Deserve

My oldest son Cory said to me the other day “Ok, bye mom. Have the day you deserve.” I stopped and said “pardon?”. He laughed and told me that statement stops most people and makes them think. Yes, my son is one of those. But seriously, stop for a moment and ask yourself the million-dollar…

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7 Things Money Can’t Buy

Money is great, isn’t it? If you’ve ever run out, it suddenly feels like oxygen, you can’t live long without it! But does money get too much credit, too much focus and too much time and energy? This is a big one when it comes to balance. Does money mean we are worthy? Does money…

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