We often believe that to BE more, we must DO more, however, I am here to show you a better way and will guide you to transform your life to the best, most energetic and happy version of you possible.

I (now) enjoy an exemplary life with my incredible husband, 3 of the most amazing boys I could dream to have raised as well as 3 awesome step children that I also got to participate with and influence in graduating into adulthood as truly wonderful people. I own and operate a business that I absolutely love. We have 4 dogs, 9 horses, more than a dozen snowmobiles and 2 riverboats. I live my passion every day.



I started in the real estate business at age 26 after managing my parents' flower shop for almost 6 years. Absolutely driven by helping people, I began a wonderful career as a top real estate agent.

After far surpassing any personal as well as professional goals and targets and after getting sick from working and living in constant chaos and stress, I began to seek, study, learn and implement healthy choices and I discovered a product line that truly helped me turn the corner with my excess weight and poor health. I quickly found myself on a new road of self-development, I hired a business coach, and others to help me develop the skills I needed to overcome or avoid the pitfalls of living in chaos ever again. Now, I do this for others and know in my heart that it is my calling and life’s passion.

I have programs and products to help absolutely everyone who struggles with low energy, lack of vitality, extra weight, brain fog, lack of focus and poor health. I live in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and love being one with nature. I believe in being an example and not an excuse. I also believe whole-heartedly that anything is possible. If living your one and only life in extraordinary balance and bliss is a dream of yours, contact me, Sandy at the contact below. I promise, I can help.

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