Weight Loss Industry Owners Profit Billions

Nestle owns Jenny Craig?! And in 2011 was listed by Fortune’s Global 500 as the world’s most profitable company……Being an entrepreneur, I fully respect business, smart business and brilliant business. I do, however, question business that is not, in my opinion, ethical. Especially business that causes the very epidemic that they are cashing in on.…

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Weight Loss and it’s Connection to Success

There’s ample evidence to suggest a link between body weight and financial success. A study of business school graduates by Harvard Medical School found that men who were at least 20 percent above their “desirable” weights made $4,000 less per year compared with their leaner colleagues, and the earnings gap widened over the years.

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7 Things Money Can’t Buy

Money is great, isn’t it? If you’ve ever run out, it suddenly feels like oxygen, you can’t live long without it! But does money get too much credit, too much focus and too much time and energy? This is a big one when it comes to balance. Does money mean we are worthy? Does money…

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