Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss and it’s Connection to Success

There’s ample evidence to suggest a link between body weight and financial success. A study of business school graduates by Harvard Medical School found that men who were at least 20 percent above their “desirable” weights made $4,000 less per year compared with their leaner colleagues, and the earnings gap widened over the years.

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Cleansing

We are told repeatedly that all DIS-EASE starts in the bowel. That alone, is a great reason to do a full body cleanse. There are such great products and programs out there to help us operate from a “clean” slate! But let’s talk for just a moment about the power of holding emotional “crap”. That…

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Diets Don’t Work!

I have read, I have researched, I have listened to a multitude of Ted Talks on this subject and share my personal experience mixed with my comprehension of others opinions. It is resounding, the opinion that “fad” or calorie restricted “diets” do NOT work long term. And sadly, so many of us in desperation for…

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