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We have programs and products to help absolutely everyone who struggles with low energy, lack of vitality, extra weight, brain fog, lack of focus and poor health. I live in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and love being one with nature. I believe in being an example and not an excuse. I also believe whole-heartedly that anything is possible. If living your one and only life in extraordinary balance and bliss is a dream of yours, contact me, Sandy. I promise we can help.

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Weight Loss Industry Owners Profit Billions

Nestle owns Jenny Craig?! And in 2011 was listed by Fortune’s Global 500 as the world’s most profitable company……Being an entrepreneur, I fully respect business, smart business and brilliant business. ...

Weight Loss and it’s Connection to Success

The Link to Success (even being hired)? There's ample evidence to suggest a link between body weight and financial success. A study of business school graduates by Harvard Medical School ...

The Wonderful World of Water

Don’t medicate-HYDRATE! Absolutely, hands down the number one healthy choice and yet most overlooked- the consumption of adequate amounts of water! The human is 60% made up of water and ...

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