Our programs are created with YOU in our heart and soul and what we can DO to give you massive tools to make the changes that you want to see in your life, your energy, your relationships and your body. We believe whole heartedly that all things are connected, HEALTHY (everything to everyone), WEALTHY (abundance and the invitation of the things that we truly want into our lives) and SLIM ( the chance that you will slip back into old self-defeating bad habits when you come with us!)

You can expect massive transformation, one step at a time with our incredible positive, high energy, and genuine master of the mind, body and spirit programs! We ask only that you commit to the process, open your heart and jump in with all of your heart. See you VERY soon on the other side! Start at the start and watch your incredible life by design unfold before your very eyes!


Spark your fire!! Are you ready to create lifelong and real lasting results? This fun and foundational program will set you on fire in the direction of your every dream with accountability and practicality that you won’t find in other programs. Creativity and passion pour into your tasks and come out the other side as rock solid tools for success in all areas of your life. Don’t give one more second toward procrastination, make the best investment in YOU imaginable right now! You’ll be SO glad you did!! See you in SPARK!

Set4Success Premium Membership

The absolute BEST value train ticket to your dream life!! Right here, right now we offer you incredible transformational tools and support for LIFE!! A life designed by you, your dream life, in contrast to your “hamster wheel” life by default where every day blends into the day before and the days to come! If you are ready….. truly READY to transform your ok life into a “pinch me every day” life, then you are EXACTLY where you need to be, right here right now! We start with your SET4SUCCESS 7 day repeatable program with healthy choices start to finish, daily meditations that will supercharge your energy and spirit and expert interviews that will knock your socks off!! SET4SUCCESS is an incredible investment in YOU and your rockin future self!! We truly cannot wait to support you forward, step by step into a dream reality! Get ready to ROCKET your RESULTS!!! See you inside the membership community!! With much love!! Sandy

Fun and Foundational

$297 / one time

  • 3 Payments of $109 Available
  • GREAT Value!
  • Endless Motivation
  • Proven Concepts
  • Accountability
  • Super Fun!

Best Ever Program


  • $99/month
  • MASSIVE Value!
  • No monthly payments
  • Lifetime Access
  • Endless Motivation
  • Proven Concepts
  • Accountability

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