The Power of Community


It Takes a Village “Ever heard that one? On days when your big goals seem impossible and you just want to give up (don’t worry, it happens to all of us) it will be the support and belief that others have in you that will sustain you and get you to the other side of impossible. Trust me, I know this. I also cannot express to you enough how important community is to our success in all areas of our lives. Sensational, inspirational attributes of community include;

  1. New Ideas– Everyone brings a colorful collage of motivation and inspiration to any goal…it’s a “take what you like and leave the rest” approach but if you gain just one “nugget”, it could forever change your path and ultimately your destination and level of success at any undertaking or project.
  2. Stretching out of your comfort zone – “If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.” It’s easy to live within your own level of comfort but pushing your limits takes inspiration. Where better to get inspiration than from your community? Your friends and support groups often believe more in YOU than you believe in yourself. Use that community power to become a better version of you.
  3. Motivation– Some days you will give motivation to others and some days you will ‘receive’ it from your tribe. There will be days when you feel exhausted and want to hide from growth but don’t worry, that is a common feeling. Growth is hard but not growing is harder, in the end. To be inspired is wonderful…. but to inspire others is ELECTRIFYING!
  4. Every person brings different wisdom – Collective agreements, collective services, and best of all, collective wisdom is like multiplying the power of any idea or plan. When a group of people brainstorm, and come up with a roadmap, chances are, not only will the destination be more exciting but the journey will be more efficient.
  5. Raising the bar – Until the four-minute mile run had been achieved, the human race in general, did not believe it could be done. But Roger Bannister raised that bar in 1954 by being the first recorded runner to break that mark. Since then, that bar has been raised by more than 16 seconds. Until we believe, we cannot achieve. What do you believe you can achieve? Your community will help, no doubt about it.

Accountability – This is a very special metric and really deserves its own article. The massive success of group programs like Weight Watchers is largely due to weighing in with your group and being rewarded for your accomplishments. Your accountability would be facing the embarrassment and shame of not following the program and not getting the results or celebration of your community. Have you ever set a goal and avoided speaking it out loud? Telling your spouse, your best friend or your group? Why do you think that is? Because saying it makes it real and holds our feet to the fire. There is embarrassment and shame in not doing what we say we will do and no one likes to feel those negative emotions.

Knowing you are not alone – As an example, millions of people have benefited from Alcoholics anonymous. Why? Because having that community of others stories, defeats and victories carries huge motivation to stay “sober” or “clean”. And what other incredibly powerful act does that organization promote? Having a sponsor. Again, wonderfully proactive in accountability and support. Imagine this world without organizations like AA.

Everyone stumbles, we all have weaknesses and everyone benefits from a community of strength and support!