May I share with you why Valentus has become such a huge part of my life and my routine?

Continue reading if you answered yes! ☺

Valentus came into my life in March 2016 as a “gut feel” weight management program (the millionth it feels like) yet what I got was SO much more!

For me, Valentus product consumption has offered me more/better focus and energy first and foremost. I feel inspired, excited and energized to start my day, every day! It has not been a “miracle weight loss” pill or product (as there actually is NO SUCH THING!). What the delicious beverages and the PrevailMAX™ spray have, however helped me with is:
appetite control, I just feel less hungry and I crave healthy meals and snacks, not salty, greasy, or sweet and sugary foods.

I also have far more energy which makes my workouts amazing.

Focus-I am unstoppable!

My biggest and truest inspiration however came from my husband. He had suffered a terrible tragedy and the loss of a very good friend last spring and had struggled with depression and PTSD. He was sleeping on the couch in his office most afternoons and his medication left him numb, not as sad but also not happy. At all. It was a little like living with a zombie. Then, shortly after he began taking Prevail Energy daily, he literally came back to life! He lost weight (the Prevail Energy is not even in the weight control lineup of products!), and had far more energy, stopped sleeping and was able to get off his meds in a matter of weeks. I was SOLD! Then, he added the Prevail Immune™, the Prevail Trim™ and the Valentus Slimroast™ products. He is down 25+ pounds but best of all, his knees stopped throbbing. Doug used to take 6-12 Tylenol Arthritis daily (I know, right?!) and put the frozen magic bag across his knees when he got home, then when it wasn’t cold anymore, we would heat it up in the microwave and he would use it warm/hot until bedtime. He hasn’t used any of the above in more than 10 months!

My mom-in-law Gloria began the 12in24™ program in May of 2016. She had been on every diet known to her! From the day I had first met her more than 8 years ago, Gloria crawled up her basement stairs on her hands and knees from staggering fibromyalgia pain…... not only did she lose weight, she now walks up her stairs!

My dad-in-law Doug was not interested in trying anything not prescribed by his doctor as he struggles with kidney disease as well as unbelievable rheumatoid arthritis pain including shooting pains in his feet so intense that to watch him, was like watching him be electrocuted. He shared that the doctor had ordered x-rays, and MRI and a CT scan but had no answers for him. Last fall, he couldn’t even wear shoes or socks. I gave him the ingredients list for the Prevail Immune™ and suggested that he read it, put it under his pillow (we were way up river where he couldn’t yet take the ingredients list to his doctor) and sleep on it, and let me know if he would like to try it. Well, try it he did and 8 days later, when I had to go home, my dad-in-law stopped me and asked if I had any more of that “magic potion” because his pain was GONE! Now, 9 months later, I can happily also report that his kidney function has improved as well.

And last for me for now, is my most emotional personal experience. My mom struggles with type II diabetes, diverticulitis, and high blood pressure. One of my amazing business partners received her first order of PrevailMax™ before I received mine and offered to share a bottle with me until I got mine in. I gratefully accepted and, having seen the blood microscopy video at I thought about who would benefit most, in my opinion from this new breakthrough product that had just been released. Mom. (Doug was dying to try the Max for energy as he’s a hunting guide and climbs mountains with heavy packs) I didn’t even tell Doug that I had one bottle….. It was Friday afternoon and Doug and I were heading out of town for the weekend. I stopped at my parents and gave my one bottle to my mom with instructions how to use the new product. Off we went. Monday afternoon, my mom came to my office crying. My oldest son, Cory was getting married 5 days later. I have known that for the last 2 years, my mom has struggled with high blood pressure…...but I had NO idea that the Thursday before, my mom’s blood pressure was more than 183/110! But worse than that, she had begun having nose bleeds! My mom shared with me in tears that my dad had announced that they would not be attending my oldest son’s wedding that coming Saturday ☹ I went to my parents that night for supper with my 2 younger sons. My dad shared with me that he had read on the Mayo Clinic website that blood pressure induced nose bleeds could be fatal. And that they were not going to attend Cory’s wedding. Period. I was devastated as my mom and dad were sincerely instrumental in helping me raise my boys being in real estate and the crazy schedule that goes with my career choice. I was resigned to the fact that my parents would not be attending. I just had to figure out how to tell Cory and Marlee. Here’s the crazy emotional part of this story…..I had no idea but Tuesday morning (the next day after one would think mom’s blood pressure would be even higher with emotion!) moms blood pressure was 132/95! Lower than it had been in more than 2 years! My parents were indeed at my boys’ beautiful day! I have cried most times that I have shared that raw and true story so near and dear for me ☺

*** These are not in any way medical claims, they are my personal experience and in no way claims or promises that everyone will have the same results****

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